Apr 2, 2013

Make a Garden Blog Trailer

We're all familiar with movie trailers, and over the past few years trailers have become a popular way to promote new books, especially books about gardening. But garden blogs have been slacking in using this promotional tool.

Until now. 

Amy, of Get Busy Gardening, just released a video about her and her garden that she posted on Twitter. And I think this may be the very first trailer for a garden blog I have ever encountered. Get out the video, it's pretty cool. If I ever get my act together and can get my hairdresser and stylist in the same room, I'll make a garden blog trailer of my own for my About page on my garden blog. 


  1. Oh hey, look at that! :-) Thanks for sharing this. I need to start calling it a trailer too, I love it! I hope I can inspire others (especially you Ramon) to give it a go! It's all in the editing... smoke and mirrors help too. Ha!


  2. Absolutely brilliant. I want one too.


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