Apr 9, 2013

Top Gardening Trends and Springtime Flowers on StumbleUpon

This time of year there’s a lot of talk in gardening circles about trends in gardening. Most of the time the “trends” seem to be pulled out of someone’s drainage hole, or they’re thought up to support a brand an agency might be representing. So, it’s interesting to see this list of the “Top Gardening Trends and Spring Time Flowers” produced by StumbleUpon based on the interests of their 25 million users.

StumpleUpon’s list of garden trends is derived on what’s interesting to users of the social bookmarking and discovery site where users browse webpages and vote on them.  It seems like the PBS juggernaut Downton Abbey and the Royal family got people interested in British plantings.

Top 5 Most Popular Garden Trends on StumbleUpon

1. Wall hangings and walled gardens

2. Eccentric potting – teacups, colorful bowls, cork pots

3. Wildflowers – organic shapes and plantings

4. Trees – apple, pear and magnolia

5. Topiaries – inspired by the English landscape

The top flowers for 2013 spring planting are:

1. Hyacinth

2. Crocus

3. Tulips

4. Daffodils

5. Pansies

The top indoor flowering plants

Don’t have a garden? Don’t fret, there is still the opportunity to plant indoor blossoms, and the top flowers for indoor planting are:

1. Orchids

2. Paperwhites

3. Geraniums

4. Jasmine

5. Gardenia

The top herbs for indoor and outdoor gardening

Looking to eat what you sow? The most popular herbs for indoor and outdoor planting on StumbleUpon are:

1. Mint

2. Sage

3. Rosemary

4. Basil

5. Parsley

See more gardening ideas at StumbleUpon's gardening section to give you an idea of the kinds of topics and plants gardening online are looking to learn more about. If you write about these topics on your garden blog, it may be a good idea to join StumpleUpon and submit your posts that cover what these people are looking to read about to take advantage of the traffic. The list came to me courtesy of the agency M Booth, and earlier in the year I got a similar list from Yahoo! based on search trends, but I can't locate it. If you have that press release feel free to shoot me a message with it and I'll post it for comparison.


  1. Interesting, but these choices don't seem too trendy to me. Most of us in the Chicago area have been using these plants and containers for a long time. I am seeing a great influx and use of succulents and other tropical plants. We are interested in sustainable plants (like those at the Lurie Gardens). The wall pockets are unique but I prefer putting something more garden like on my fences (garden art). Ball seems to do a great job with the wall gardens.

    Maybe we Chicagoans just follow our own trends!


  2. Great topic for April when Earth Day is coming...

    Are we the teacup reference? I think so! I would say the trend of using recycled and up-cycled containers and decorations in the garden is a big trend, considering the huge response we're getting at Flea Market Gardening.

    Recycled objects, using thrift store finds and projects using re-purposed materials is part of one of the trends listed by the Garden Media Group for 2013. We're riding the wave and enjoying our gardens,...and ourselves immensely!

  3. Heh, I've been planting in anything that will hold soil for 10 years. Ahead of my time again! ;-)


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