Apr 24, 2013

What Plants Talk About

A few months ago Mother Nature Network asked me to write a post for their website about plant sentience. My working title as I was writing the post was Do Houseplants Dream of Electric Sheep? The editor I work with at MNN went with The Case for the Ethical Treatment of Plants, which better describes what the post is about. If you're interested, I invite you to read the post and comment over there. PBS recently aired What Plants Talk About that covers the same territory.

Watch What Plants Talk About on PBS. See more from Nature.
Watch What Plants Talk About on PBS. See more from Nature.

Nothing gets my wannabe plant nerd juices flowing more than the possibility of plant intelligence, and this documentary is like XXX material for me. What would the plants in our homes and gardens say if they could talk? Watch the documentary and nerd-out yourself. Do you think plants have feelings and communicate with a language that we just haven't been able to crack yet?

(Via Garden Broad 


  1. Absolutely! I really believe all living things have means to communicate. Humans are mighty full of themselves to believe they're the only ones who can communicate "intelligently". (Heck-one episode of Jerry Springer disspells that myth :)

  2. I have to agree I thinks they are able to "communicate" on a certain level. An in particular to react to their environment and conditions.

    great article btw


  3. Definitely, all living things have means to communicate in such a unique and different ways.


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