Naming Your Garden Blog

The names of garden blogs are as diverse as the plant life in the garden they document. For my personal blog, MrBrownThumb, I lucked upon a name that is easy for people to remember. I think if I had given the name of the blog a lot of thought I probably wouldn’t have been able to come up with a blog name that was as memorable.

It’s a blog!

Like with children, choosing a name can be difficult or it can be easy. Some names just fit people and some garden blog names just seem to fit the blog. Let’s take a look at some blogs on Garden Voices for inspiration. If you’re just starting out blogging and you don’t have many visitors or readers you’re in a good position to pick a name that fits you and your blog.

The location name

A good choice to go with when naming a garden blog is to name it after the place you garden. The location can be a good choice because it stands out and people in your area who may search the internet looking for local gardening information may stumble across your blog. If you ever happen to get lost you won’t need to tattoo where you live on your body to remember where home is. Lets take a look at some location names to give you an example of what I mean.

  • Alameda Garden
  • Iowa Garden
  • Flatbush Gardener
  • The Vermont Gardener

You as a brand
A few years ago when Martha Stewart was heading to the slammer a number of pundits on the television were wringing their hands over what would happen with the Martha Stewart “brand.” In short they were saying her company would crumble because she was going to the slammer and she had built an empire around herself and without her around or with her image tarnished the company couldn’t survive. I don’t read a lot of gossip rags but I have yet to hear that she’s standing in a soup line-so go ahead and be like Martha or Oprah and name your garden blog after yourself. All the cool kids are doing it. Lets look at some self-titled blogs for inspiration.

  • Ilona’s Garden
  • Ewa in the Garden

Size matters

If you ask me, not that anyone did, I think that short garden blog names are the best. But sometimes a long name can be very effective and easy to remember. Here are a couple of blogs that have long names. You may need to pause for a breath as you type out their long URL.

  • Plants Are The Strangest People
  • Leave Me Alone, I’m Digging
  • Sweet Home and Garden Chicago
  • An Obsessive Compulsive Plant Collector

Simply unique

Some names are just easy to remember either because their funny, weird or cute. You can’t help but remember these garden blogs even if you only visited once before.

  • Water When Dry
  • Real Mud Garden
  • Seedling Adventures
  • Wicked Gardener
  • Damn Plants
  • My Skinny Garden
  • Weeder’s Garden
  • Cannas and Bananas
  • Garden Fool

A, an, the, uh?

Sometimes I find it difficult to remember a garden blog that I haven’t bookmarked because I forget there is an “a,” “an,” “the” in the URL. Extra characters in your blog’s name can lead to some confusion so it is best to avoid them. If you need to add extra words or letters to the blog’s name because someone already has the name you want the best option is to look for a better- catchier name. I came across three gardeners with some variation of ‘obsession’ in the URL in researching this post. I’m going to forward those blogs to the first ‘therapist’ gardener I come across.

Another thing that hinders my memory are the garden blogs where the URL and the blog title in the header don’t match up. When reading a garden blog a visitor is more likely to see your header more times than your URL. If there is a difference in the name in the header and the name in the url there is bound to be some confusion. If, for example, you named your garden blog ‘Bulb Garden’ don’t title it in the header “Musings of a cranky guy with five cats.” Save the descriptive stuff for the description of your blog that goes below the blog title, keep the title the same as the URL.