Sep 25, 2008

About launched in August of 2008 and is maintained by MrBrownThumb. The purpose of is to teach gardeners about blogging and teach established garden bloggers how to modify their blog template. This blog will also serve as a outlet for information submitted by readers.

While the bulk of blog modification tutorials here will deal with templates for the Blogger blog platform gardeners with knowledge of other platforms are encouraged to guest post articles concerning other blog platforms. Guest bloggers receive a link to their blog in all posts written by them and in the blog sidebar.

Do you need help setting up a blog or tweaking your current blog? If so, feel free to contact me for custom blogging help.

Are you a garden show, garden club, plant society or gardening related company looking to place your information where gardeners will read it and tell others about it? Send me your press releases to be considered for publication here. As the market share of print media diminishes there is less room and frequently smaller staff to cover things like; garden shows/clubs and human interest pieces. This is where garden bloggers working as citizen journalists can step in and cover your events or news.

Garden bloggers are also encouraged to forward information for things like meetups, garden tours, plant/seed trades and other relavent information. OpEds and Letters to the Editor are also encouraged if you have something to say about garden blogging or the community as a whole don't hesistate to share your thoughts for possible inclusion. Anything I publish will include a link to your garden blog. From time to time I'll pose questions on topic and you can submit your thoughts on the subject and I'll post the best responses.